30 November, 2011

Schutz Christmas Bazaar

Well well well....another bazaar.. If you like Schutz shoes you'd better visit this bazaar ; it will last from 1-10 of December and I am sure that we all are going to find little treasures. Girl's need in shoes never ends..that's our nature..but we can fill our wardrobe in our terms! Please remember: Bazaars are a bit dangerous for shoe lovers! bring a friend with you to advise you well and avoid exaggerations.

An old Schutz but beloved one

Belle Epoque vintage bazaar

I must admit it, I am addicted to bazaars...every kind of..even local ones. My friends know it and we usually wait for the next one to come up. This one although, was different. Belle Epoque Shop (Voulis 34, Sydagma) run a vintage bazaar on the 22nd of October . The  first floor was filled with little vintage  treasures from clothing , accessories and gifts to jewellery,decorations (those were very nostalgic) and even stylish hair cuts (for those who had the guts to attempt it). Remind me to tell you what I bought from the ground floor!!!(on a following post).

Photo by me
Photo by me

Photo by me

29 November, 2011

Absolut beginner

I have been thinking creating this blog for months now, but as you all know , we always postpone the things we want to do...   The title was inspired by Lou Reed's song , it's a bit ironic these days , but I am willing to make an effort through low budget and simple things to change my every day life and maybe yours too..