27 August, 2012

100 posts - Restore of Faith - An innocent man

Hey there, I'd like to share with you all my love for Billy Joel when being alone and celebrating my first 100 posts...thank you all.. it means so much to me visiting my little blog xxx.

23 August, 2012

My brother's vintage t-shirt

Hey, hey, hey girls! hope you liked the previous posts! Today's outfit is about my brothers t-shirt that he was wearing 15 years ago; it's a Gun and Roses tee that I found in his closet recently. I love it , it is loose and I feel like a rock n roll lady wearing it. As you can see it fits perfectly with my cropped denim shorts! (for the record, I am not so sexy as I appear in photos, it's just for the photo shooting lol)

22 August, 2012

Denim Shorts & Gypsy Vest

winter kate vest, old denim shorts, zara biker booties

18 August, 2012

Midnight Star Omelette

Hey girls! There are some nights that I am extremely hungry and there is nothing to eat or dinner's food doesn't fit my appetite and all I need is something easy, homemade and low calorie. I say low calories because on such "occasions" I could order my favourite pizza or souvlaki but as they say, one moment on the lips..always on the hips! Let's get back to our low calorie dinner which my brother and I often split. It's an easy omelette. Here are the easy steps
1.Make an omelet with 3 eggs but keeping only the one yolk
2. Add some fresh milk + salt & pepper and stir well
3. Cut in little pieces turkey slices and 1 tomato
3. In a very hot pan add the mix from step 1
4. Quickly add the chopped from step 2
5. Add parsley
6. Make the omelet as usual
7. Serve with cheese on top and bread (can be also grilled)

15 August, 2012

New in : Candy Crocs

Hey girls! How many times did I tell you that I change my mind over fashion trends? This is one of these times. I really hated Crocs. I couldn't even imagine buying one... five years ago my best friend came over (during summer) wearing them in a bright fuchsia, since then I hated them less and less. But today was the time for a change. I wanted something comfortable to wear only inside the house... and yes I got them ..and yes I put Patrick from SpongeBob on them!

11 August, 2012

DIY: The romantic drawer

Hey girls! I am back from my holidays but only for a day! I am leaving again tomorrow for some family ones! These two days being at home I feel like renewing my bedroom a little bit.. Almost all of my furniture come from Ikea and from some old furniture that I "steal" from my grandma's house :) Today I felt like changing my drawer, so I bought from Zara home four door knobs and replace the existing ones. I think it became more vintage! Don't you think girls?

07 August, 2012

As simple as it gets

Hey girls! I am having a wonderful time during my holidays, I can't stop thinking where are you spending yours. Through analytics I can check visitors' cities but I can't stop wondering, where are you? are you having a good time this summer? I hope I keep you a good company :))

h&m dress, rope belt (mum's vintage), sandals ionannis and handbag unknown

05 August, 2012

3 Summer Outfits!

#1 midwaist shorts (forvert) - t-shirt from asos.com (old)
#2 zara denim shorts and t-shirt, marc by marc handbag, ugg wedges (super comfy!)
#3 pull n bear jeans (old) and t-shirt (new), jlo wedges (old)
me on the right wearing my Estee Lauder's signature lipstick (brilliant pink)

03 August, 2012

On Summer Holidays

Hey girls, my time off has already began and as I admitted in the past I can't get enough of the beautiful island of Aegina. Only one hour from the port of Piraeus, is a very beautiful destination.

the yards

the pistachio trees

the doors

the shadow

the figs

the poetry

the havaianas flip flops

the sea 
the sand

the friends

the moon