27 December, 2011

The Casual...Cocktail Ring

There are some symbols in the women's wardrobe which seem to claim more than what they are, the cocktail ring is an excellent example. It resembles independence and style. Worn on the index finger makes the difference..I borrowed some treasures which I find super elegant. Steal your mama's vintage cocktail rings and wear them even with your casual clothes. Love them with oversized sweater, leggings and my wellies!!

In the second photo all rings are vintage, they aren't cocktail ones but I couldn't resist sharing them with you !!!  For more unique cocktail rings click here

25 December, 2011

Merry Christmas to you all !!!

I wish to you all Merry Christmas with love, compassion, good friends, beautiful ideas, new challenges !!!
In a couple of days I will be back with new post. Hope you are happy :))

20 December, 2011

5-minute Christmas Table Decoration

This Christmas don't buy any decorations at all. Yes, yes...I know that you have plenty of them. Boxes filled with branches,little Santas, Christmas balls, angels, fairies..This year I opened my boxes and I made simple but beautiful decorations for my table in the living room!! I also decorated my little Christmas tree with wooden ornaments that I love them because they carry me back to my childhood when grandma used to read me Christmas tales.. (send me your photos at justmyperfectday@gmail.com if you want your decorations and ideas to be posted !!! Have fun !!! )
Campari-soda bottles

16 December, 2011

The H & M passepartout vest top

There is one key in every wardrobe and this is the simple cotton vest top..you can mix and match with almost everything: skirts, jeans, trousers .. just use your imagination..you can also wear it as complementary to outfit or during winter underneath your jumpers or loose tops. My favourite one is the H& M because it can be worn not only as casual but also as an evening outfit. It is elastic and makes the body more feminine. It costs only 5 euros (I am not sure). My girlfriends love it too !!!!   
Exists in 4 colours: Black,blue,white and dark grey.
In the basket (Not all h&m)

14 December, 2011

Art my Trash Earrings

Have you ever found old stuff like buttons, fabrics, beads or even trash from something broken that you really liked? Do you remember when we were little that the most incredible games were made from the simplest things? Wood, pebbles, broken phones, empty bottles, pill boxes.. this love still follows me..from time to time I want to do some magic.. this pair of earrings is made from buttons, inox wire and the black rubber circles are called oil seals I think, you can find them in stores where tools are sold.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me!! More in following posts!!

13 December, 2011

Does't bite! - The Leopard Skinny Jeans

I am not a fashionista but I couldn't resist to this pair of leopard jeans I found at Schutz bazaar last week!!! Well, many girlfriends told me that I am absolutely crazy for buying it but when it comes to advices I hardly listen to others....When I saw it hanging I knew that it would be great on me... It is not an one-season piece. I am going to wear it with my suede Zara booties and a black top and during summer with my wedges or sandals and my coral vest !!!! (Search on the web for Currrent /Elliot , The Leopard Stiletto or Rebecca Minkoff's Leopard Print jeans to get more ideas)

All animals pins are vintage (Mama's little treasures), banana pin (pepe jeans), denim leopard (dr denim), wood from my fire place hohoho!

12 December, 2011

Because the Christmas sun does't always shine

This Christmas I want to feel the warmth..I will buy presents and I will get some too, but there are others who wont. So this year I am going to cut down 3 euros from every present I buy (although my presents will not be expensive at all) this money will go to a cause right away . Everybody is happy. My friends, a child, my inner me.

11 December, 2011

You got stuck in a make up ...

I am usually stuck to expensive brands as far as it concerns my make up... always sceptical about low cost products..are they going to affect my skin? Will they cause (new) allergies (my skin is very sensitive)? One day while I was shopping with a friend , we visited a beauty store. There was a Radiant Professional stand and the make-up artists demonstrated their products. I tried them and I was thrilled! Quality and low cost !! I got a base, a soft pencil and concealer, the girls gave us gifts too!! I don't know if you can find them outside Greece but you can visit it via their facebook group page (Radiant Professional make up).

Tip : Try new things. You never know!

I bought the eye pencil (Forest green) and the make up, all other are samples.

10 December, 2011

All I want for Christmas is ...

He is the one and only one Michael Buble!! This Christmas will be much warmer, much sweeter, much candier (my word : from candy) only with his new cd.......my boy knows how to sing !!

07 December, 2011

Christmas Glam Rock Look - 3 steps

What are you planning to wear this Christmas? I am into glam rock and I like it! The following steps will lead you to the best results
  1. Base: dig your little black dress from your closet or your beloved black skinny jeans or buy a fake leather leggings and wear a simple black t-shirt or a black top
  2. Shoes: Buy black high heeled suede booties from Zara (50 euros) 
  3. The Glam note: Get a clutch from a friend or buy a new one in the style of Alexander McQueen, find old silver chains from your mother's closet and combine them with a cheap pendant and last but not least get a dark nail polish. 
That was it girls ! Little cost and ready to go !!!   Oops! I almost forgot it , while dressing up get into rhythm with your favourite rock piece!

Vintage chain ( Lalaounis ) , vintage cross , Jools chevalier

Religion clutch

Zara booties

04 December, 2011

Fullah Sugah Fashion bazaar

Ladies...this is our month.. another bazaar in town! Fullah Sugah is having a bazaar from 5-12 of December in their warehouse. The brand was developed rapidly throughout the years and has become more fashionable than before but at the same time prices and quality remained untouched. In other words we can be affordable pretty!!

Love this bootie, hope to find it  ( Source: www.fullahsugah.gr )

02 December, 2011

Always a woman

There is a woman, a woman I hardly know but I think  that I could write a book about her life.. this is something you can easily tell from the moment you meet her. Last night I saw her again, she was carrying with her a black and white photo from her youth. That was it. I needed to capture this one. I found it magical and enigmatic like Helmut Newton's portraits. She still looks so rigidly beautiful.

01 December, 2011

In an almost Christmas mood

I am sure that everyone has some secret Christmas traditions, things you do every year that keep you in touch with your inner child , things that help you escape from the reality which obliges you to act in a mature way.. to help you admit it, I have plenty of them ...one of  all is that every year I visit my neighbourhood's Starbucks to enjoy my CoffeNut Latte (launched only during Christmas period) and buy the new Starbucks' Christmas Song Collection. This year was Pink Martini's album Joy to the World, warm and sweet like a cup of tea and  cupcake brought to bed on a cold Sunday morning....

30 November, 2011

Schutz Christmas Bazaar

Well well well....another bazaar.. If you like Schutz shoes you'd better visit this bazaar ; it will last from 1-10 of December and I am sure that we all are going to find little treasures. Girl's need in shoes never ends..that's our nature..but we can fill our wardrobe in our terms! Please remember: Bazaars are a bit dangerous for shoe lovers! bring a friend with you to advise you well and avoid exaggerations.

An old Schutz but beloved one

Belle Epoque vintage bazaar

I must admit it, I am addicted to bazaars...every kind of..even local ones. My friends know it and we usually wait for the next one to come up. This one although, was different. Belle Epoque Shop (Voulis 34, Sydagma) run a vintage bazaar on the 22nd of October . The  first floor was filled with little vintage  treasures from clothing , accessories and gifts to jewellery,decorations (those were very nostalgic) and even stylish hair cuts (for those who had the guts to attempt it). Remind me to tell you what I bought from the ground floor!!!(on a following post).

Photo by me
Photo by me

Photo by me

29 November, 2011

Absolut beginner

I have been thinking creating this blog for months now, but as you all know , we always postpone the things we want to do...   The title was inspired by Lou Reed's song , it's a bit ironic these days , but I am willing to make an effort through low budget and simple things to change my every day life and maybe yours too..