29 July, 2012

Boyfriend Jeans + Espadrilles Vol.I

Hey girls! Hot time, summer in the city......these old song run through my head these warm days. I want to be casual, I want to be stylish and I want to feel sexy. So what should i wear? It's simple! my boyfriend jeans from asos.com and my Tory Burch espadrilles from shopbop.com and I am ready to go! Stay tuned to see Vol.II the following days (my friend and I will wear them in the most stylish ways)

Both jeans are River Island from asos.com

Tory Burch wedges from shopbop.com

28 July, 2012

Protect your hair girls!

Hey there!!!! how r u? the last 2 weeks have been tooooo long girls! But since from now on I am free (till the end of August) I will be beside you! I'll share with you my holidays & my fashion outfits. August will be exciting! Let's begin from essentials. What is more important than a woman's hair? and when i say important I mean hydration. The last time I ordered from asos.com I bought a bottle of Hei Poa's hair hydration oil just for testing. Despite that I almost fall in love with myself due to the coco smell, it does work too...!!! Try it! I put a quite good quantity on my hands and massage my hair and scalp. I go running and then I come back, have a shower and my hair is thick and shinny. 

15 July, 2012

Frozen Yogurt Snack @ Home with Fitness Cereal

Hey girls! you know, I love love love frozen yogurt for two reasons : delicious + low calorie snack, what more to ask for? Unfortunately, yogurt bars aren't in every corner like coffee shops, so today I tried to do mine at home. It was splendid! I am so happy, this will be my lazy afternoon sin ;)

Step 1: Freeze a regular strawberry yogurt (chose your flavour) for 15min
Step 2 : Empty it the from the yorgurt cup to an icecream bowl
Step 3 : Add one crushed biscuit, cereal you like, dried coconut pieces

14 July, 2012

Georgina Skalidi's Handmade Clutches

Hey girls! Today I present you a well known Greek designer, Georgina Skalidi. Her clutches are so inspired! The innovative design - origami and vintage influences- make them stand out! So if you are bored and need a different, handmade, special clutch visit her shops or shop online here, check the previous collections also! you'll be thrilled!


photos from G.Skalidi's facebook page

08 July, 2012

Tip: Organize your jewelry

Hey girls! Today's post is all about organizing your jewelry, on a previous post I showed you other ways to organize your drawers and your jewelry too. Yesterday I visited shop's tool section and I found this tool box which isn't exactly for tool but for parts, little ones. Firstly I got the smaller size because I love small things but then I changed my mind and purchased the biggest..I was quiet sure that my jewels weren't so many.. think again Pela..

04 July, 2012

The profound power of almost

Hey there! These days I have been wondering on certain things on life and especially on incomplete feelings. What describes the best our incompleteness? the word almost. Most of the times, almost is much more important than the word followed. For example almost happy, meaning that sth is missing, something crucial. Almost in love..this is much harder, almost satisfied, better say unsatisfied! And there are other times where almost reflects hope. Almost easy, almost finished or almost there...