16 September, 2014

Little China Girl

// i packed my things in a couple of days and drove myself to a new destination, without knowing anyone, without a safety net, with no strings attached. China was a dream destination and sometimes when others don't help you dream, you need to move on and dream on your own.
And I dreamt and I loved my trip to Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Xitang.
China through my eyes

17 May, 2014

Always the Sun

Photo Credits: Mike Zak

Dress: Attrattivo
Jacket: Attrattivo
Jewelry: Petaei-Petaei, Kenneth Jay Lane
Shoes: Ash

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24 March, 2014

Radio Days

\there are some feelings in life that are so precious and so rare like the feeling of true love/ true love can concern another person but also an idea or an ideal/ my recent love love is radio broadcasting, every Sunday on streetradio.gr with a good friend and co-minded , with whom we recently become friends, we share common spiritual background/ although our shows aren't as we planned, we enjoy making oursleves better each time and play music that we love/ what else could I expect for my week to begin?

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Photo Credits: Jorge Cuervo /radio partner/

02 February, 2014

Music is My Aeroplane

Music is my life, music makes my world go around. Even in the darkest hours music is a ray of light, a compassion and a friend. Music is just like food. So many tastes, so many hearings.
I think everyone has a soundtrack of his own life, thirty songs could "depict" one's life easily.
Love songs mostly for me and some instrumental ones.
Music flows in my body , music is my daily meal.
And what if I am not hungry?
Silence is like coffee, it is needed between meals.
It has a good taste but doesn't last long

Photo Credits: Mike Zak
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06 January, 2014

When the Music's Over, Once Again

Happy New Year everyone! I hope this year brings you joy and prosperity! I am bit glad that 2013 has come to an end cause it has been a difficult year for me. Difficulty lies in leaving past behind by realizing the whole picture of things and secondly by engaging yourself again as a new entity.
With every year that passes by, music also pauses..
And with a new approaching, the music starts again
Again, on next post

Top: Red Hot Chili Peppers (gift from Thailand)
Shirt: 164 Remodified (Vaso Voulgari)
Headphones: Sony
Sunglasses: Gift from 80sPurple

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25 December, 2013

Christmas Memory Card

Oh dear, it has been a long time since blogging.. I think I am not a regular blogger anymore but I can't be unconnected to you and unshare my thoughts and my outfits... Today is Christmas and I am writing to you sitting on my bed, drinking coffee and smoking. What else? Thinking as always. I have concluded to a very significant thought, all my problems are due to my memory card; I have a lot of it. Most of the times I need to be rescued from these thoughts and drawbacks. Let's say that we all have some terra of memory, when does this memory ends? We forget some and some other memories replace the emptiness of the forgotten?
It is an eternal circle. I need to forget many things. I try to but my strong memory cannot let me.
On the other hand, I remember all the pretty things that happened in my life and this beauty is welled sealed in my heart softening the broken parts carrying me along the beautiful path of living.
After all, that's life.
Ridding high in April, shut down in May.
Isn't it?

Photo credits to very talented Mike Zak

Top: Religion
Pants: BSB
Jacket: DVF
Shoes: Pura Lopez

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