25 April, 2013

Maybelline's Event: Dos and Don'ts with Grigoris Pirpilis

Hey girls! Yesterday I attended Maybelline's close event for beauty and fashion bloggers! We gathered to get some useful advice and tips from the well known Maybelline's make up artist, Grigoris Pirpilis
After his tutorial we were left on our own to do our daily make up and he would advise us on our dos and don'ts. As you already know redish lipsticks is my kind of thing, so I applied a lovely coral on my lips and left the rest on my face on natural colours (a bit of blush + mascara ) and I was ready! To my surprise I was more than ok! So I will keep up the good work!
Maybelline's new products are something else! Especially ColorSensational which not only smells like heaven but also is very very stable and hydrating.

With Grigoris Pirpilis

Color Sensational #914 (my favourite)

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21 April, 2013

Leaving the 20s Behind

Hey my girls, these days have been quite a revelation to me due to the celebration of my 30th birthday. Close friends who are older, advised me a couple of years ago that I should be very calm on that day. Well , for those who know me it wouldn't have been a surprise that I didn't follow any of their advice! I began feeling sad for no reason days before the actual bday and when the day has come I got so much love and affection from all the people I love, that it was overwhelming and tender. All the people I love in this wonderful and surprissing life showed me their deepest feelings. All of them at once. 
I could't have been happier...could I?
And so I am changing decade girls.

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09 April, 2013

New Giveaway with Notis Haute Coiffure!

Hey girls! On the previous post I mentioned about the giveaway we are starting Notis Haute Coiffure (http://notis-coiffure.gr/) and it is a fact! My ombre hair and all the styling is a result of  Eleni's talent. I am not a good client regarding hair salons cause I am a bit nervous regarding any hair change, I am also allergic to some chemical used in hair colours but I was double lucky and content due to the fact that they use the best hair colours which are also ecological and effective. What more to ask. A giveaway for a free haircut and styling!

1. Giveaway starts on 10th of April until 19th 23.00 pm (my birthday lol)
2. Like Notis Haute Coiffure facebook page here
3. Like my page Just my Perfect day here
4. Leave your comment under this post metioning Notis Haute Coiffure (use the facebook comment button)

Good luckkkkkkkk :))

Photos Courtesy of Skafandro.gr

with Eleni!!!!

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07 April, 2013

New Hair, New Outfit

Hey girls! New hair, new outfit on blog! I am so much insecure regarding new haircut and hair colour but when you have good and talented friends all the doubts just disappear! My new obre hair and haircut is a result of Notis Haute Coiffure.
On next post a new giveaway will take place with Notis Haute Coiffure so stay tuned to win!
Wait until tomorrow :))


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04 April, 2013

Vintage Ethnic Skirt

Hey girls! Today's post is so much beloved! When I am about to share with you pieces from my mum's closet. This ethnic skirt is vintage too! She gave it to me few days ago. I think she wants to torture me, she gives me one thing at a time! Have I told you how much I love vintage clothes, phones and jewelry? Much more than you think!

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