30 November, 2012

One Year Love

Hey girls! on the 29th of November Just my Perfect day celebrated its very first year! I am so so so happy about that. The blog was made with so much love in a time when I was unemployed and it comforted me pretty well... It was an inner need to express everything that I love, everything that fascinates me; my love for fashion, deco, recipes and vintage clothing. All these things make my days just perfect and I am talking about things now but I am fully aware that my friends and family are whom I have to give credit to for my just-perfect days. A very special thanks to a special person who influenced me the most regarding fashion and image editing and motivated me to start blogging. It has been a lovely blogger's year and I am hoping I am becoming a daily habit for you all or at least I am keeping you company from time to time. 
Love you all, thank you all.

p.s More from our little celebration coming soon + from Monday blogging from Rome! (for a few days)

And here are some funny/behind the scenes/photos with friends

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29 November, 2012

Over Dinner

Hey girls! There is nothing lovelier than been invited for dinner expecting to taste the most delicious appetizers and main courses. I love experiencing new tastes in a intiment environment with friends on a week day. We all agreed that it was better to get dressed in a more dinner way so to feel a little bit different from all the other days that we are casual. So I wore my candy skirt, my t-shirt and my blazer (the hair is messy again). After all I needed some change!

Zara candy skirt more skirts here  and here, D&G t-shirt, Burberry blazer (find blazers here and here)

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21 November, 2012

Leather Leggings + Sweater

Hey girls! This post was made in the rain! I wanted to show you how much I like my leather leggings with my  funny skull sweater! It is so so so cosy and sexy, wore with my Zara high heeled booties. I think it's the must outfit for and early drink with friends. My hair gone wild as usual :O

Find similar style sweaters here: Too Much Love Sweater or Sequin Paw or Cutout Sweater and leather leggings here

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14 November, 2012

Tainted Love: Goat Cheese + Pomegranate Seeds

Hey girls! I missed so much writing a post on food, it's been a really long time. My latest addiction is an experiment I did taste. I love goat cheese and while I was eating some with my late evening wine I tried some pomegranate seeds I had in fridge. To me is revelation. It's like grapes with cheese, but better. So I found the way to make it a starter, cubes of goat cheese with a pomegranate seed on them served on my grandma's vintage cake plate!

How to de-seed a pomegranate

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11 November, 2012

The Wedge Trainers We Love!

07 November, 2012

Walking In the Rain

Hey there, hey girls! Tonight is raining here and can't stop wanting go out and walk with someone. Most people hate getting wet, but I love it. It is one of the most romantic things I can think of. Go out hand by hand, talking and kissing under the heavy rain. Kissed by love and surrounded by the sound of the falling rain...then return home, make a hot milk with cinnamon and lay down in warm intimacy.

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04 November, 2012

All Day Dress

Hey girls, yesterday was a pretty looooong day; I went out in the morning and I returned early the next morning. I spend time with some friends, I met some new ones and I heard lovely music. The outfit was very cosy, my new dress and bikers boots were quite perfect for an all day adventure!

sweater dress from Pinelopi, Anne Klein handbag (old), biker boots, cazeldonia tights (bronze)
 Photos from Drunk Sinatra bar!

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01 November, 2012

Lana Lana Lana

Hey girls! You know how much I love Lana del Rey, this season she launches H&M's new winter campaign. How inspriring! I love the grey dress and the feather skirt! Which is your favourite? Feel free to comment!