29 March, 2012

Sweet Spring Clementine Truffles

Hey girls! The spring has come bringing blooming citrus smells and a sense of the upcoming summer..spring welcomes summer..summer brings sun and love and we all girls waiting for these romantic sequence. 
Today's post is about a recipe my ant gave me and I love it !! Make these truffles for your beloved one or enjoy it with your friends with  a cold lemonade under the soft spring sun...
All you need is: 4 medium clementines, 1/2  kilo of sugar or less, 1/2 kilo of almonds.

Step 1 : Boil water and put almonds in, then take the skin off, very easy ! Keep the brown skin -it's great fertilizer
Step 2 :Take off the outer skin from clementines and boil in little water it till it's become soft (keep the water)
Step 3: Take the juice from the inner clementines from juicer
Step 4 : Almonds in chopper with boiled clementine skin
Step 5 : In a pot = Sugar+almonds+clementine skin+clementine juice on low heat stir until sugar melts. 
Step 6 : Add some water if it is needed (the one you kept) -leave it to mix to become cold
Step 7 : Mold little balls and then roll them over sugar


24 March, 2012

The Candy Perfume Jar

Hey girls!! From time to time I prefer staying in and making new things from old things finding in my house without buying anything new. This is my challenge! The following was one of them :) I have almost 50 perfume miniatures (I believe many girls have too) and they were put in a glass bowl for many years. It was truly boring to clean them one by one so I got this. I found an old rusted jar my grandmother used to keep her marmalade and I cleaned it and put them in. I got rid of the rusted wire and now looks delicious!!! Like a candy jar in my bedroom 

19 March, 2012

The Sleepy... Beauty Effect

Hey girls! Today's topic is about us. Yes, yes us women. So boys you are kindly requested to leave this page or stay and read quite carefully. Well girls, I think there's something about us that makes me wonder..Are we really so dynamic concerning our relationships or deep down we are waiting for the prince to save us?? Are we sleeping beauties? Do we leave our prior choices guiding us to a non-future? Do we feel unable to decide what is the best for us either because we have the need to try more or because we feel that we are the princes kissing the beauties ....Are we really sleeping beauties girls, or just... sleepy??

16 March, 2012

The Love Ring

Hey girls!!! my last obsession is wearing two rings, one on index and one on ring finger or one on middle finger and one one ring finger. It's my new thing..I really like it, it's classy, it's rock , it's alternative! My favorite rings are those that have words on them, like "love" or Dior's Oui ring ( I don't have it girls but I'll make a replica one!) Last year on an often impulse buying I got a love ring from accessorize and I wore it till it turned into black. A friend took it and fixed for me and now it's gold again (real this time) and I love love love wearing it...!!

these hands aren't mine, my friend Mary is the model here!! (awesome)

14 March, 2012

Casual Street Rock

Hey girls ! how r u?? I am ok these a bit busy , little tired and in a weird mood. I am waiting for the sun to come up again... My work keeps me together and blogging relaxes me and keeps me in touch with all of you although I don't really know you. In case you want to communicate with me pls feel free to do so through justmyperfectday@gmail.com or via my facebook page. Today's outfit is scasual street rock , the style I love the most the last months and feeling cosy in it. Have fun wherever you are !
Pelagia Chris

 Zara t-shirt (old), Dept trousers (old), Cardigan Traffic People, Zara Biker boots (new) , scarf from nofashionway.com, Liu Jo handbag

12 March, 2012

Kony 2012

10 March, 2012

The Nothing to Wear Effect

Hey girls, I made a list today of all the thing we think when we are standing in front of our closets trying to find something to wear and although we see hundreds of clothes we can't.
  • I have nothing to wear
  • My closet is so small and I cant find anything
  • Everything seems so old
  • why did I buy these?
  • my friends have more beautiful clothes than myself
  • I gained some weight, I need new clothes
  • I lost weight, my clothes don't fit me well
  • My clothes are so boring..
  • I am not fashionable at all
  • I will get rid of everything I don't wear in the first chance
  • my closet is empty now, I need to go shopping
  • I have nothing to wear again
Solution : 
  • Whenever you make an very successful outfit , write it down
  • Any great outfit idea write it down or inspiration
  • If you see something interesting online download picture and keep a file on your desktop
  • I have one called outfits and there are photos from netaporter.com , really helped me
  • When feel trapped use your notes and I am sure you ll be fabulous!!!!!!
Here some photos from my outfits file, Happy Weekend!!!

all photos from netaporter.com

09 March, 2012

Faster Living Faster

You know, there are some things that I don't really get in this life. One of these is why we live in such a fast pace..I never really got..is it because there are many things to be done in so little time? Are these things done in the end or not? And if not, why we repeat this way of living? And after all these years running we haven't gained any experience that allows us to live in slower pace? And there are some other times that we pause our daily actions because we can't go any further this way, and we stop and we think and we seem to realize and we breath for a while or maybe we cry and then we move on once again. 

07 March, 2012

Is She ?

A couple of days ago while ordering a latte at Starbucks I saw Lana Del Rey's cd , Born to die on a stand near cashier. Why so much fuss about her? OK we got it, it's very common nowadays to dress up a singer -with a great voice - like 70's or 50's women and have a career. We saw it , we had enough of it. Although I love Amy, Adele, Duffy ,I am also bored by this struggle finding the new Amy...I was staring at her cover photo and I gave her a chance. And then... her voice came along. By the time I 've heard her I was totally enchanted. Deep.Warm. Fragile. Dark. Can't get enough of her. Now I can't stop wondering. Is she the new one? (Did I tell you that I hear blue jeans in my sleep?)

01 March, 2012

A Clean Monday like Sunday

Hey hey hey hey!!! I am glad posting again girls, no matter how tired I am feeling, get back to you relaxes me..Today's post is about me having fun on Clean Monday in my boyfriend's bar - The Rockfellas. You know despite I don't drink I enjoy visiting bars and drink my cocktails with my friends, imagine if the bar is totally familiar to you how cosy and relaxed you feel. So I called up my friends and we had a lovely night!  I danced a lot ! of course my outfit was a Sunday one i.e comfortable and stylish (unlike every day I hurry up to go to work and I wear....)

Maria is wearing Amplified t-shirt, me wearing leggings, supertrash blouse, traffic people cardigan, ted baker leather jacket