27 April, 2012

Old T-Shirt Bracelet

Hey girls!! I disappeared for some days..yes yes I know..but i have been busy..again! so my week's comeback must suit your expectations. This idea came to me one lazy Sunday afternoon thinking what to do with my old fabrics... These bracelets are the easiest bracelets in the whole world. What you need? Strips of fabric (any colour you like), one button for each bracelet and  thread. You just make a braid and then sew the button and make a little whole to the other end for the button. simple! (where to find the fabric?? from an old t-shirt of course :)

21 April, 2012

Five Songs that Taught Us the Moves

Hey girls!! these days I've wondering about the dance songs influenced us the most during the years..the songs that took us by the hand and made us move our bodies, do the moves! which are really this songs? Do you need a flashback ? I do ! Although number 1 doesnt resemble my age at all, it was included because we danced it on our parties..

Number 1 - Village people - Y.M.C.A 1978

Number 2 - Los Lobos - La Bamba 1987

Number 3 - Los de Rio - Macarena -1995

Number 4 - Santana Smooth - 1999

Number 5 - Las Ketsup -2002

15 April, 2012

Easter @ Aegina - Part II

Hey girls!!! new photos from my short trip to Aegina as promised!!! I am wearing my favorite t-shirt by Labros Apostolos (Lamda Alpha) , my new pull & bear fuchsia trousers and my grey beloved all stars!!!

14 April, 2012

Easter @ Aegina - Part 1

Hey girls!!! I am on Easter holidays with one of my best friends at the beautiful island of Aegina!!!  We are having a wonderful time! I feel so relaxed. girls... I haven't forgot you , I was anticipating making this new post..here are some photos I have taken. Hope you all doing well !!! xxx pela (2morrow more photos)

10 April, 2012

Colour Blocking Sunday

ColourColour Colour !!! Hey girls!

Pepe Jeans leather Jacket, OVS t-shirt , Doctor Denim Jeans , D&G boots

04 April, 2012

Just Pretend

Hey girls...Today I was wondering how a woman can handle all the roles given to her..Who invented them girls? did we ? men did? why we are all trapped in these? We were born free and then as time went by we adopted a different role at every age. At 15 I started realizing that I am a girl, I mean that I had to act like one. I was raised with boys -so unwillingly I got some of their characteristics..at this age of 18-19 I discovered that women wear heels (I was probably retarded) when my boyfriend back then asked to do so. The years went by and at the age of 23 I stopped feeling like a woman, it was a pause that lasted one year. At the age of 24 I woke up again and started feeling my body, started wearing tight jeans..started caring about fashion much more. My 26 years of age was a revelation I was fully feeling myself, felt like born again and becoming the real me. Now that I look at this number 26, I feel that I was much younger than I thought.
 Now I am almost 30 and I remember the days that I was 7 ,stealing my mother's fatty red lipstick and her white mid heels sandals pretending I was 30..funny..now what should I pretend to be again?

01 April, 2012

Just a Little bit of Green

Hey girls!!! I hope you all doing well..as I mentioned on a previous post spring has come and changes are necessary..I felt like refreshing my bedroom. I bought a cheap green pillow for my grandma's old wooden chair which fits welll to my no-budget ikea office table (19,99 euros). There is a little spot on my office that I change a couple times a year, today was the time for a spring-ethnic-slightly vintage style. The white painted bottle (vase now) used to be a bottle from metaxa spirit during 80's (stolen from my parents' bar). Mix and match ..what else??