31 October, 2012

Be Brave, Be New

The are two things certain in life, the one is that we all love all the second is that we are going to lose the love. So what happens next? How we keep on going? How we find ourselves again? Find things that liberate your spirit, mine is running. I feel like Forest Gump when I run fast, faster than my thoughts and troubles. I try to speed up so I can't hear the voices in my head. Faster than reality, faster than disappointment and denial. Liberate your spirit in any possible way you find. And the time will cover all damage done and then you will be brand new again -with some scars- but the scars are needed too to move on and becoming wiser, more or less tolerable and I swear to you all out there that life loves to be hidding behind scars but you are are about to overcome all these and move on. Think, breath and run. Your heart will return to its place once more.
Be brave and then be brand new.

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28 October, 2012

Mum Had That Too!

Hey girls! today's fashion post is all about the printed blouse I found in Zara and reminded me that my mother had almost the same! I did some digging as you imagine and I found it! Here it is, worn with my Zara flare jeans and booties. The brooch is mum's too! Soon it will become a statement necklace stay tuned to see it! Thank you all for the emails xxx!

the Zara blouse
the Zara blouse
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19 October, 2012

Hello Autumn!

Hey girls! Winter is still far away but autumn is here and I want to be found ready! So I sum up the four things I need. First of all you will need a black sweater with a funny print, mine has a smiling skull. For your makeup improvements you definitely need Gurlain's Kohl powder for smoky eyes (Arabic style!!!) and the absolute black nail polish from Chanel. Last but not least you will need a statement necklace, I bought mine from A day in the life (handmade jewelries) . Wear your wayfarers and your skinny jeans and you will be absolutely fabulous!

17 October, 2012


14 October, 2012

Five Vintage Treasures from Mum

Hey girls, my statement is this: Buy me something new and I am happy for a while, give me something vintage and I am super happy! Yes, yes I was digging up again inside my mother's closet and found some vintage treasures. Here they are!

p.s: I am so happy hearing from you in mails. 

11 October, 2012

Leopard Jeans + Khaki Jacket + Biker Booties

Hey girls! The post today is all about mixing and matching and going out being fabulous wearing all the forgotten things you have in your closet. For example an animal print skinny jeans is a must the past two years, a khaki green jacket van be found in many designs in your closet; it comes and goes all the time the last decade, mine counts six years in my closet. And last but not least, a black t-shirt..how rare...!!! Combine them, experiment and go out wearing also your biker booties. You can replace the animal print with a pattern pants, I think it would be also interesting. If you need more advice,contact me via mail. I will be glad hearing from you.

dr denim jeans, zara top and booties, staff jacket (old), iphone case nofashionway.com, nail polish chanel black 

08 October, 2012

My Sunday Afternoon Boyfriend Jeans

A regural Sunday walk...

Top Punky Fish (gift from my boyfriend), River Island Jeans, my All-stars since I was 14 ( 15yrs ago) which I found lately