30 May, 2012

Wednesday's Tutorial

Hey girls!! you know I 've been thinking today about Wednesday; it's a bit bitter day, although you are two days after Monday , Friday is also two days ahead. Stop grumbling and change your day! First of all prepare for your love a nice starter,a quick dinner, then buy some wonderful cupcakes and finally sit down to eat like a human being (and not in a hurry). But never never forget your precious lipstick girls!
You will be just fabulous!

26 May, 2012

My Top 5 Perfume List

Lola - Marc Jacobs 
This smell is so floral , so girly I love it but I prefer it end of winter beginning of spring

Escentric Molecules -Molecule 01
this is a statement perfume, can't help renewing it and smell it . Dry,woody, spicy

Bulgari - Rose Essentielle
this one is a very very sexy perfume, at least from what I was told..men like it a lot, if you like rosy parfumes try it

Estee Lauder - Light Breeze
it is exactly as it presents itself.. light breeze, cool summer, sour and breezy; definitely for summer!

Marc Jacobs - Rain (body splash)
rain is like rain, can't say more I love it but after 1h it disappears...I prefer it for my sheets, after a night bath all over my body and I like spaying my closet and curtains.

25 May, 2012

The Bohemian Lady

Hey girls , today I want to talk to you about a woman..that I don't know. She is a fashion stylist ,very well known, that transforms celebrities. Of course my blog doesn't examine the celebrity lifestyle so you get that this isn't the reason  I picked to write about her. She has something, something that is undefined..she has a form of beauty and freshness that is reflected on her face , I find her much more interesting than the celebrities she dresses..she is the source, celebrities enhanced by her but she is the source. I find the way she gets dressed theatrical, bohemian, lady -like, androgynous. Yes all together. I present you my favor outfits from Alexandra Katsaiti. She has guts for sure.

photos taken from Alexandra's Katsaiti Facebook Page

23 May, 2012

I'm Definitely Feeling Lucky

Hey girls! I know that I haven't post for days but I was trying to find the time :) regarding fashion this summer will be very much exciting! so stay tuned and enjoy! Today I want to share with you my love for Google's home page~ every day with my early coffee at the office I am surprised by the creativity of these people behind them ! these are the brains ! Check here for the whole database!

17 May, 2012

Another Fashion Bazaar !

Hey girls!!! I'm dizzy, another fashion bazaar only fro Greek citizens unfortunately (this section isn't international) but in case you will be in Athens on vacation I suggest you visit it. xxx

click here for more info

14 May, 2012

Bbbracelets - DIY - Don't buy!

Hey girls!!! If there is something that I cant get enough through summer is wearing bracelets! but I refuse to pay so much money on them, there's always a second way! just buy what you need and do it yourself, it's easy !

click here to see how ! (photo taken from site)

12 May, 2012

Light Blue Vintage Cardigan, Blue Pants

Hey girls!!! Yesterday night was a good opportunity for a relaxed mohito with friends, you know catching up, making plans for summer, talking about life..so a relaxed simple outfit was a must...but mama's vintage cardigan made the difference..it is fantastic! on a future post I promise its photos will be better. Photos from friend's iPhone (don't blame me!! lol )

Vintage Cardigan, H&M t-shirt, Ugg wedges and Pepe Jeans Pants from see here Nodus

07 May, 2012

Fashion Circus Bazaar

Hey girls!!! New Fashion Circus Bazaar!!! It has begun... where???? Visit the site and see for yourself ! I am going..I have no money to spend but I am sure I ll find something cheap to do my mix n match. My friends might also buy and I can borrow them...bad idea? :)) stay tunedddd

see details here

06 May, 2012

God Hermes Landed on Aegina

Hey girls!!! Although I don't own anything from Hermes , I love this brand because it is classic and fresh and vivid at the same time but above all it has a childhood feeling.... As you remembered from my Easter posts I visited the island of Aegina (click here to see it and here) Hermes advertising campaign for spring summer 2012 was shoot there too by one of the world's famous photographers, Nathaniel Goldberg. The photos were taken near one of the oldest olive trees... I feel the summer breeze don't you ?

All photos taken from Hermes Facebook page

01 May, 2012

The Aztec Print Maxi Skirt

Hey girls...! I remember when I was 12, my mother bought a kind of gypsy/ethnic maxi skirt. Do you know what I did? I wore it girls and I went out. The skirt was bigger than me : ) now that I am thinking of that day I see that people were looking at me very weird..now after many many years I found a new skirt addiction !!

Pepe Jeans skirt, H&M vest top, Ugg wedges, Fcuk denim jacket, House of Harlow pendant