26 February, 2012

The Leggings Trap

Hello girls! Sorry for not posting but I was too too busy..never mind... 
I miss so much sitting down with my warm cup of tea and write in my beloved blog..I feel like I am connected to all of you no matter from where you visit, USA, UK, Germany, Ireland, France, Netherlands, China (xie xie), Switzerland,Ukraine and Greece. Thank you all for the support!!!
  Today's topic is about our beloved but highly "dangerous" leggings..no I am not crazy, these things are dangerous for our silhouettes girls...I wear them very often because they are comfortable,soft and they match with my long blouses and loose sweaters. But lately I tried to wear my skinny jeans and I couldn't fit in them!! yeap I got 3 "lovely" kilos and now I am trying to get rid of them. You can say : "so what!" to be honest, it is so what botton line, but it is also inconvenient to try to lose weight..isn't it?
I lost control girls and now I don't feel quite well, so I am telling you be careful!! Wear your skinny jeans more often, it is your perfect measure guide!!

22 February, 2012

Just Denim Shorts & Biker Boots

Hey girls, this is an outfit I love !!! Wearing an off-black denim shorts, my fashionable t-shirt bought lately, my black wool cardigan and my beloveeeed biker boots. And to add a "marc" note, my marc by marc jacobs bangle I got on salessss  and at last my braid..

Black cardigan -Traffic People, denim shorts, Iro t-shirt, h&m inner vest, biker boots, marc by marc jacobs bangle

18 February, 2012

Why We Girls Love Bangles

Hey girls!! You know I' ve been thinking why we love wearing bangles so much?? It's because are on fashion or there is something else that attracts us so much..I am talking for all kinds of bangles plastic, wooden, rubber, silver, steel..I asked my girlfriends who love to wear all sorts of them and I got this answer, "We just wear them, cause we like it" (how enlightened...) So (as usual) I came to my on conclusions. We love them, we wear them because the make us feel so feminine, we move our hands and they"glink glink"(I love the sound), covering our arms make us feel like ancient goddesses, we feel fabulous with these little things even when they are worn at the beach !! Don't u agree?

kenneth jay lane, house of harlow, alexander mc queen and marc by marc jacobs bangles

14 February, 2012

Emerald, the New Black

Really..tell me what happens when you go shopping...Do you stick to black again and again?? Well girls I stick too....this time I was determined to surprise myself by saying No! to black. I love it but my wardrobe is full of it and nobody pays attention if you wear black so often ,even if it's something new. So I turned to Emerald. If you like "vintage" colours is a good choice. You can wear an emerald top with your black skinny trousers or fake leather leggings or if you pick a dress use opaque tights. You can also choose emerald earrings to highlight your total black outfit (like Angelina Jolie does). Well, you can have your doubts regarding your hair colour, does it match with emerald?? I'd say , why not? Just pay attention to your eye make up and the colours you are about to use,I would suggest bronze and light brown for the blonde ones, grey and bronze eyeshadow brown for the brunettes and grey and black pencil for the redheads. Girls, you can also chose the safer choice, smokey eyes :)

me wearing the blouse from the previous picture from Zara
Kenneth Jay Lane ring from pretabeaute.com (super site!!!)

dress from shopbop.com
Kenneth Jay Lane earrings from pretabeaute.com

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11 February, 2012

The Tomato Art

Hey, everyone!! Some days ago while watching a Campbell's Soup iAd , I was wondering what a simple soup can do to art. I started searching online and I was amazed by the photos, design items, ads, paints and clothes all inspired by this soup. I don't think that another brand has influenced art so much (coca-cola could also be) ..so I present you some photos and videos from this inspiring blend. Andy Warhol was the beginner but there is something about this soup which makes it so art-tractive! Enjoy..

Campbell's Skier - magazine ad 1967

Andy Warhol, Big Torn Campbell’s Soup Can , 1962 (photo taken from  http://www.nrw-museum.de/ )

Artist Andy Alcala paints himself

Ivan Corsa Photo – Street Art Images

Willem Heeffer's Campbell's Soup Can Lights ( photo from thelmagazine.com)

08 February, 2012

A rainy night in Georgia

You know, although rainy days seem so "uncomfortable" for all of us, there is something about them that makes me reset myself. I feel like the water falling from the sky washes my thoughts, my inner me..I have never been in Georgia..but I feel like being there..on a rainy day, after all as Brook Benton says: Lord, I believe it's raining all over the world....enjoy..

05 February, 2012

Fashion Live - Ozon Magazine

Hey girls!! Yesterday I attended a party after Fashion Live, Ozon Magazine's event where a fashion workshop took place. The idea was very unique and fresh, young professionals or students who participated were guided by professionals to make fashion editorials!!! We went by with a friend (Lilly Petraki) , we watched some videos and we chatted like girls do.. !

Lilly made this fabulous cross on her vest

Mama's vintage wool cardigan, Zara top, JBrand jeans, Zara booties, Asos necklace

Same outfit @ Zara.com!

04 February, 2012

My beloved ones, part I

Helmut Newton

Robert Mapplethorpe

Robert Doisneau

 Henri-Cartier Bresson

01 February, 2012

Urban Poetry

Although most of the times the city we live in is the city he hate, there are other times that this very city is the city we love making little journeys discovering treasures and spots we used to neglect. Cold days reveal the vivid colours surrounding our daily life..enjoy...