24 May, 2013

Working Class Dungarees

Hey girls..wearing my new grey dungarees and being barefoot during summer puts me back to my teenage years where all were simple, where the only question you were asked was what time we all meet; that was the time where the only competition among us was the number of times we went swimming and the amount of ice creams we licked.

Dungarees (asos), T-shirt (Berska), Watch (Swatch), Sunglasses (Ray Ban Wayfarer)

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16 May, 2013

Dad's Vintage Shirt

Hey girls, back in 1988 my dad lived in London for six months and have been working at a hospital there long hours for his Phd. My brother and I were 9 and 6 years old and we missed him so much. Back then toys weren't in such plethora like nowadays and dad was saving money to buy us the most beautiful ones. He was eating corn flakes and pizzas most of the days saving and saving for his turning back. And when he did come back bags and bags of toys were revealed in front of our eyes. He was my hero. He still is.

Zara shorts (old),  Tory Burch wedges (Shopbop) , Pull n Bear belt (old)
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14 May, 2013

Why We Love Dungarees

Hey girls...when I was fifteen I remember myself wearing funny shirts and loose jeans, but I also used to to wear dungarees dresses or or one piece jeans. I just loved it.. So comfortable, so 90s so my teenage years. So schoolish..so wild ..so reckless. Dungarees made a major turning back in fashion and we are here to enjoy wearing them once again.

river island

asos marketplace
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11 May, 2013

Platter of Love

Hey girls! I took long Easter holidays at Aegina island again, as I do every year. I had the loveliest time with my good friends..Aegina island is a place to be, to me is almost a revelation. 
On today's post I am sharing with you a very different platter with finger food, all you need is dried fig, brie, walnuts, tomato paste, rice crackers, baby tomatoes, rusks, salt and pepper and some good friends or your love. So summerish! Enjoy!

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