16 September, 2014

Little China Girl

// i packed my things in a couple of days and drove myself to a new destination, without knowing anyone, without a safety net, with no strings attached. China was a dream destination and sometimes when others don't help you dream, you need to move on and dream on your own.
And I dreamt and I loved my trip to Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Xitang.
China through my eyes

17 May, 2014

Always the Sun

Photo Credits: Mike Zak

Dress: Attrattivo
Jacket: Attrattivo
Jewelry: Petaei-Petaei, Kenneth Jay Lane
Shoes: Ash

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24 March, 2014

Radio Days

\there are some feelings in life that are so precious and so rare like the feeling of true love/ true love can concern another person but also an idea or an ideal/ my recent love love is radio broadcasting, every Sunday on streetradio.gr with a good friend and co-minded , with whom we recently become friends, we share common spiritual background/ although our shows aren't as we planned, we enjoy making oursleves better each time and play music that we love/ what else could I expect for my week to begin?

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Photo Credits: Jorge Cuervo /radio partner/

02 February, 2014

Music is My Aeroplane

Music is my life, music makes my world go around. Even in the darkest hours music is a ray of light, a compassion and a friend. Music is just like food. So many tastes, so many hearings.
I think everyone has a soundtrack of his own life, thirty songs could "depict" one's life easily.
Love songs mostly for me and some instrumental ones.
Music flows in my body , music is my daily meal.
And what if I am not hungry?
Silence is like coffee, it is needed between meals.
It has a good taste but doesn't last long

Photo Credits: Mike Zak
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06 January, 2014

When the Music's Over, Once Again

Happy New Year everyone! I hope this year brings you joy and prosperity! I am bit glad that 2013 has come to an end cause it has been a difficult year for me. Difficulty lies in leaving past behind by realizing the whole picture of things and secondly by engaging yourself again as a new entity.
With every year that passes by, music also pauses..
And with a new approaching, the music starts again
Again, on next post

Top: Red Hot Chili Peppers (gift from Thailand)
Shirt: 164 Remodified (Vaso Voulgari)
Headphones: Sony
Sunglasses: Gift from 80sPurple

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