25 December, 2013

Christmas Memory Card

Oh dear, it has been a long time since blogging.. I think I am not a regular blogger anymore but I can't be unconnected to you and unshare my thoughts and my outfits... Today is Christmas and I am writing to you sitting on my bed, drinking coffee and smoking. What else? Thinking as always. I have concluded to a very significant thought, all my problems are due to my memory card; I have a lot of it. Most of the times I need to be rescued from these thoughts and drawbacks. Let's say that we all have some terra of memory, when does this memory ends? We forget some and some other memories replace the emptiness of the forgotten?
It is an eternal circle. I need to forget many things. I try to but my strong memory cannot let me.
On the other hand, I remember all the pretty things that happened in my life and this beauty is welled sealed in my heart softening the broken parts carrying me along the beautiful path of living.
After all, that's life.
Ridding high in April, shut down in May.
Isn't it?

Photo credits to very talented Mike Zak

Top: Religion
Pants: BSB
Jacket: DVF
Shoes: Pura Lopez

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30 October, 2013

Fluffy Heart

There is nothing sweeter in life than making what your heart commands you to do, but there is also the possibility due to this exploration your inner you will change for life. What is the perfect thing in life then? 
Our heart I would say. This heart that it becomes warm, cold and warm again until each circle ends for good. 
But inside the circle the eyes are shut down. 

Top: Molly Bracken
Legging: Stradivarius
Shoes: All star
Bracelet: Asos

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22 October, 2013

Cool & Classy

 There is nothing funnier than being at the park on a Sunday afternoon with your best friend for a photo shooting and suddenly Minnie and Mickey pass by! Oh it was so surreal! I wanted to share this you! As far as it concerns my outfit is low budget again mixing and matching my new tartan shirt and my classic pencil skirt. My favourite piece of this outfit is my pouch which was bought on sales through the the outnet.com at a mind blowing price!

Shirt: Zara (new)
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Schutz
Pouch: Karl Lagerfeld for net-a-porter.com

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03 October, 2013

Blue, Strange Colour Blue

When I am getting ready to for a fashion post, I am so overwhelmed by the outfit that I don't consider that important the landscape. It always seemed supplementary to me because I was quite lucky finding the appropriate places in front on me. That happened once again; I got dressed up at my boyfriend's house and when we went out for the photo shooting we found this lovely blue vintage car. Lucky me.



Vintage skirt (mum's)
Denim shirt (Pull n Bear)
Necklace (Accessorize)
Green ring (Kenneth Jay Lane)
Shoes (Zara)

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22 September, 2013

Fashion Blogger Trap

It's been quite a long time since I have written something on my blog. You see, there are times in our lifes we must reposition oursleves and claim what we have lost during everyday life. Same with this blog that I love a lot. When you are a fashion blogger you can be easily get stuck in the consuming part of fashion and promotion events. This is a condractitory issue because the more known you become the more press releases and invitions are received. I dont see myslef as a known fashion blogger of course. I see my self as the editor of inspiring things. I dont want to become a "promotional carrier" and advertiser of brands, I want to remain me and suggest to you only the things I love.
If this means less followers, less buzz. So be it. 
I am back :)

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21 July, 2013

Perfect Day

Sundays are the most promising days of the week, there is time for leisure and relaxation but there is also time to dream the upcoming week. My weekdays are highly tensed at work but so much creative that my long hours seem sweeter. I think this is the longest time talking to you, I was thinking of blogging every single day but my body couldn't follow my thoughts. All these days I had photos taken that I want to share with you.

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28 June, 2013

Grecian Style

Mango maxi skirt, Top (vintage), Shoes Ioannis, Necklace House of Harlow, Spiked bracelet Asos

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