30 June, 2012

Mama's 70's Pregnancy Dress

Hey girls! today's fashion post is all about mum! she used to wear this dress in 1979 whens she was pregnant to my bother. The dress was a long skirt in the beggining but then she decided to transform it so to ease her pregancy. The photos were taken by my mum (who had an opinion on my photoshooting) on the roof of our apartment and I think these are dresse's last days, it is about to become long ethnic skirt again! what's your opinion girls?

28 June, 2012

Three Prada Sins

Hey girls! don't you feel tha a new pair of shoes is renewing you? Well I do do! I saw these three on Prada.com and love them. For the time being I didn't buy any of them, for the time being.. enjoy the view!

25 June, 2012

My Ceramic Friend

Hey girls! Yesterday, I have been to a ceramic students' exhibition where not only I saw some fresh ideas regarding this art but it was also a good opportunity to meet a friend I love and share some ideas on movies, books, love and life. There are some people who inspire us and although they are invisible to others, there are little treasures to us.

18 June, 2012

Summer Aquas!

Hey girls I love summer but it is tooooo hot! I need some aquas to cool my summer! Here are some of my beloved ones!!!
marc by marc jacobs splash-rain, despi swimwear, dior sunglasses (old), korres after sun, swatch watch, lierac bronze prolonge, marc by marc ciel handbag (old), bracelets made by me.

14 June, 2012

La moustache à la mode

Hey girls!!! here are some photos from the new moustache trend! To be honest, apart from Tom Selleck and Freddie Mercury I don't like moustache on men at all...Do you??? Fashionable t-shirts, necklaces, rings and tattoos in the moustache shape! I don't have a clue from where it started and became so popular these days but I love it!

photo from here
photo from here
photo from here
photo from here

photo from here

11 June, 2012

Nail Polish You'll Love

Hey girls! I love ,you love, we all love Essie's nail polish but lately I have a new love. Do you keep a secret? Korres Natural Products has some that I can't resist. They are long lasting too..that was a surprise for their low price. Almost 6 euros each. Visit the website to see much more here

ocean blue (87), purple (27), coral red (48), ultra violet (29), emerald (93)

05 June, 2012

B&W Leopard Pants - Orange Top

Hey girls! there nothing more convenient than wearing a cool pants and a super fine top during summer nights, I present you my latest love..animal print! ok let's count .. I have 3 animal print pants and one shirt :) see the jeans here and here

pants unknown ,top american vintage, ugg wedges, marc by marc jacobs handbag

02 June, 2012

My Three Beach Must Haves

Hey girls! what do you need for summer vacations? These days I sum up my needs and I present them to you (bear in mind that I have my old swimwear too which I mix and match)

Victoria's Secret

Victoria's secret