24 January, 2013

3 Pieces of Jewelry: Do it Yourself

Hey girls! It's been a while I have done a DIY project! So today I got some good ideas for you that I have done myself! Three pieces of jewelry from very cheap things that we all have. 
The Eiffel Tower pendant: from my trip to Paris some years ago I bought tower key chains for friends among other things, I kept one for myself and I got my brother's army chain and I got a lovely new fashionable necklace! 

Mama's old earrings: I got my mum's old Spanish earrings and broke them in two pieces and put some ear hangers. So now I got two pairs!

I had a watch to which you could change its style by changing hoops and once it was broken I kept the hoop and made it a necklace by using one of my fine gold chains!

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15 January, 2013

Mum's Vintage Skater Dress

Hey girls! I found this dress in a bag in my mum's closet. I was digging again! When I saw it I found it so girly and so unique and its design reminded me Asos's skater dresses (see here). Skater dresses are so girly and flatter the body so much. Mine was so tight cause my mother use to be much thinner than me and I had take it to tailor to fix it... I couldn't breath in it. She was 21 when she wore it and very skinny... I didn't tell you the most important detail, my grandmother made this dress and now in her eight's sees me wearing it again! 

Brettos Winery ( @Plaka )
Mum's skater dress, Benetton wellies, tights Cazelodonia (bronze)
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10 January, 2013

Zara's Winter Essentials

Hey girls! There is nothing more refreshing for my wardrobe than spotting the new ins from Zara. Every year the collections become more and more interesting. This year collaboration with Yoko Ono was a true revelation! The result were 2 awesome tees in Yoko's colours, black and white. Here are my favourite! I got the tee and my best friend bought me the high heeled sandals and the red leggings as a gift for my name day! Lucky me!

All photos taken from zara.com
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04 January, 2013

7 Things Missed from Childhood

Hey girls! Christmas Holidays brought me this year childhood nostalgia. What a beautiful word, nostalgia.
If it was a taste it would be sweet, candy, buttery, crunchy and milky...
I miss...
1. How those years used to smell
2. The hot cocoa my mother prepared for me everyday and every night .
3. The two french toasts we had to eat every night my brother and me ( I was eating one, he 3 and that was our secret agreement)
4. My lack of any pre-primary education, I denied to go to kinder garden because the teacher wasn't pretty.
5. My preschool years spent at my grandma's house playing with empty bottles and textiles.
6. My mother's appetizers on our birthdays
7. My friends playing on the street and inventing new games all the time.

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