30 January, 2012

The Vintage Wool Oversized Cardigan

Hey girls!! Few days ago my mother saw me wearing an oversized cardigan I bought from Asos.com and she remembered that a friend gave her a white oversized one made by another friend. The story is this : a lady went to Paris and bought a very expensive cardigan 15 years ago, when she got home bought yarn and started copying it then she gave it as gift to her best friend who is my mother's aunt! The aunt gave to my mother and so it turned up into my hands.....we spent a couple of days trying to find it in the house (our mothers hide things everywhere) and now I proudly present it to you! My advice : start digging in your mamas' wardrobe!! Kisses girls :))

Pendant, L'Occitane (old) , Leggings Zara , Sweater  unknown

28 January, 2012

Biker Boots, here to stay

Hey girls!!! I really missed you these couple of days. I have been very busy but now I am back! You know, I have been thinking about shoes. The choices we make, what shoes we used to wear when we were teenagers, how come never seem to have enough of them..I think you know exactly what I mean...these days I felt the need to replace my love for Ugg boots and wellies with a new one, the biker boots. In the beginning I was very sceptical about them, they seemed so masculine and I had promised not to consider it buying one. But I broke my promise, I 've changed my mind...there are so feminine in a masculine way, so rock, so alternative that blew my mind!! You can find various designs,prices,heights,colours. I like the short ones but there were "extincted" so I bought this tall one in a really good price!


25 January, 2012

Urban Poetry

Today I don't want to post anything...I just want to show you some photos from my house. To me it's urban poetry...

Wild Foxy Lady

Hey girls !! Now that January is almost gone and February will be the last month wearing all these clothes we must start being prepared for spring,I know it's kind of early but this time of year you can find very good offers. I love love t-shirts , my boyfriend made me love them and now I am addicted to fashionable ones! Wildfox is brand that I love but it's expensive..I found online some good offers and I am telling you they worth it !!
photos are taken from wildfoxcouture.com

21 January, 2012

Best Gift - Canon G12

The first time I held in my hands Canon G10 I thought that I would passed out..and the first time I experienced the photos it takes I knew that sooner or later I had to raise the money and buy it. But sometimes our boyfriends sense our needs very well and make us very happy...I received some emails asking me what camera I use, in most cases is G12 the "descendant" of G10. Brilliant camera & easy to use.

20 January, 2012

Lilly Petraki - More than Jewelry

I am quite sure that there has been a time in your life that you felt more creative than before,during these times I think we attract very interesting people and so they do to us. It happens to know Lilly in person and I believe she is one of the most creative personas I 've ever met. She combines simplicity with something bohemian and this is something that is reflected on her art. I love love her friendship bracelets and the button necklace she made for me..I really thank her. For orders email me : justmyperfectday@gmail.com or click here for my Facebook page to contact her.
that's me wearing Lilly's ring - my leopard skinny jeans- my Ugg Kimono Flower

18 January, 2012

Just Pesto

Hi girls!!! Today for the first time in my blog I am going to present you a recipe easy and delicious !! You can use it in multiple ways, spread it in your morning low-calorie french toast , serve it with crackers as starter or make an excellent pasta for your beloved ones.

Step 1 : Wash your basil leaves well

Step 2 : Put them in the multi mixer and press the button for 5 seconds

Step 3 : Add pine seeds, I usually use 2 bags of 42 gr. each

Step 4 : Add parmesan and pecorino cheese to become more solid. Don't over do it but if you do, add a little warm water.

Step 5 : Time to add the garlic, but remove the inner part (green one) and use only one piece of garlic if you want your pesto to be light so can be eaten more easily.

Step 5 : This step is optional :) this time I tried adding walnuts to differentiate the taste. Tip:don't overdo it because the taste will be be funny.

Step 6 : Press the button for 10 sec and add olive oil, salt, pepper and some vinegar which will give it a very very good taste. Taste and add.

End resut !! have fun in your kitchen girls :)) for any questions feel free to ask me justmyperfectday@gmail.com

Keep in refrigerator

16 January, 2012

Put and end to Mess

Really girls tell me, do your drawers look like this? My patience has come to and end, today was the time to start tidying up...

Step 1 - Eat a nice medium box of chocolates with friends -have fun- we will need the box later :))

Step 2 : The situation

Step 3 : Keep boxes from chocolates, scarves,belts,perfume sets any kind you find and like. You 'll need both parts bottom and top of the boxes. The height of the boxes depends on the drawer you pick ( I keep almost all the boxes I find )

 Step 4 : Clean the drawers,the boxes and start placing your cosmetcis in them.
you  can also use wooden or plastic cutlery holders (this one is from habitat)

Step 4 : End result!!!

 Step 4 -Part 2: You can also do the same with your jewelry, take a box and put smaller ones in it.

14 January, 2012

My Top 5 Face Products

Are you bored to keep your face clean daily girls? I am not surprised..sometimes I wish I could be a little witch and by moving my little nose my clothes were in my closet, my make up would be removed, the laundry..(I refuse to talk about this) but the most important and the most boring although necessary is face cleansing and moisturizing.I present you my top 5 face products.
Juliette Armand , Elements 03 biphase eye make up remover ( try it!!!!)
Lancaster, Comforting Cleansing Milk for dry skin ( its smell is addictive!!!)
Lierac, Hydra Chrono Baume Extreme- for those you have very dry skin there are they want anti aging elements (visit lierac.com to find the hydra chrono suits you the most)

Lierac, Anti fatigue Eye Cream (it is a must)
Estee Lauder, Advance Night Repair ( when you are almost 30 you have to start being serious about your skin !!! )

12 January, 2012

New Love Me

These days I wasn't feeling very well..I don't really know why..might be the post-holidays effect :) Eating too much, drinking too much , sleeping late, new year's dreams and expectations...I felt like being bored of being me (it sounds quite poetic). I was even bored they way I smell. The same two fragrances all these years. Then it hit me! If  I change how I smell my life will be renewed!! It was a difficult decision due to the fact that I was left behind with all these new fragrances launched the last couple of years. After a nose-trip I came up with this.. now I smell it and I am looking who's beside me, but there isn't anyone it's the new me.

Chloe Love, Earrings Asos , Shirt Pull & Bear

09 January, 2012

Jewelry ? Not me . What a lie..

At the age of 19 I said the stupidest thing ever, "I  don't like jewellery at all !" It wasn't really that, I just couldn't get what they add to women's outfit.. Now, ten years later I am fond of them!! One of my favorite designers is Sissy Koukeri, I love love love her work. The designs are so unique and minimal. There's nothing more to add, photos speak on their own ...(visit Sissy's work online here )
photos taken from sissy's official site

07 January, 2012

Mr. Lagerfeld T-shirt

There's nothing sexier than a laser cut t-shirt.. don't you agree? I love fine fabrics like American Vintage which make me feel that I am wearing something so delicate. In one of the my first posts I wrote about the Belle Epoque Vintage bazaar , there I bought something that wasn't vintage but it is also worth having !! Lamda Alpha by Lambros Apostolos (Greek-American designer) is one of the finest t-shirt brands because it is F&C (fashionable & cosy) .I am so tired of fabrics that look nice but make me feel uncomfortable. Visit his online store here .

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