25 December, 2013

Christmas Memory Card

Oh dear, it has been a long time since blogging.. I think I am not a regular blogger anymore but I can't be unconnected to you and unshare my thoughts and my outfits... Today is Christmas and I am writing to you sitting on my bed, drinking coffee and smoking. What else? Thinking as always. I have concluded to a very significant thought, all my problems are due to my memory card; I have a lot of it. Most of the times I need to be rescued from these thoughts and drawbacks. Let's say that we all have some terra of memory, when does this memory ends? We forget some and some other memories replace the emptiness of the forgotten?
It is an eternal circle. I need to forget many things. I try to but my strong memory cannot let me.
On the other hand, I remember all the pretty things that happened in my life and this beauty is welled sealed in my heart softening the broken parts carrying me along the beautiful path of living.
After all, that's life.
Ridding high in April, shut down in May.
Isn't it?

Photo credits to very talented Mike Zak

Top: Religion
Pants: BSB
Jacket: DVF
Shoes: Pura Lopez

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Evi said...

I love your outfit!!
don't stop blogging I've just found you!

as dreamers do

Unknown said...

se euxaristw poluuuuuuuu.... :)