04 April, 2012

Just Pretend

Hey girls...Today I was wondering how a woman can handle all the roles given to her..Who invented them girls? did we ? men did? why we are all trapped in these? We were born free and then as time went by we adopted a different role at every age. At 15 I started realizing that I am a girl, I mean that I had to act like one. I was raised with boys -so unwillingly I got some of their characteristics..at this age of 18-19 I discovered that women wear heels (I was probably retarded) when my boyfriend back then asked to do so. The years went by and at the age of 23 I stopped feeling like a woman, it was a pause that lasted one year. At the age of 24 I woke up again and started feeling my body, started wearing tight jeans..started caring about fashion much more. My 26 years of age was a revelation I was fully feeling myself, felt like born again and becoming the real me. Now that I look at this number 26, I feel that I was much younger than I thought.
 Now I am almost 30 and I remember the days that I was 7 ,stealing my mother's fatty red lipstick and her white mid heels sandals pretending I was 30..funny..now what should I pretend to be again?

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