18 August, 2012

Midnight Star Omelette

Hey girls! There are some nights that I am extremely hungry and there is nothing to eat or dinner's food doesn't fit my appetite and all I need is something easy, homemade and low calorie. I say low calories because on such "occasions" I could order my favourite pizza or souvlaki but as they say, one moment on the lips..always on the hips! Let's get back to our low calorie dinner which my brother and I often split. It's an easy omelette. Here are the easy steps
1.Make an omelet with 3 eggs but keeping only the one yolk
2. Add some fresh milk + salt & pepper and stir well
3. Cut in little pieces turkey slices and 1 tomato
3. In a very hot pan add the mix from step 1
4. Quickly add the chopped from step 2
5. Add parsley
6. Make the omelet as usual
7. Serve with cheese on top and bread (can be also grilled)

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