30 November, 2012

One Year Love

Hey girls! on the 29th of November Just my Perfect day celebrated its very first year! I am so so so happy about that. The blog was made with so much love in a time when I was unemployed and it comforted me pretty well... It was an inner need to express everything that I love, everything that fascinates me; my love for fashion, deco, recipes and vintage clothing. All these things make my days just perfect and I am talking about things now but I am fully aware that my friends and family are whom I have to give credit to for my just-perfect days. A very special thanks to a special person who influenced me the most regarding fashion and image editing and motivated me to start blogging. It has been a lovely blogger's year and I am hoping I am becoming a daily habit for you all or at least I am keeping you company from time to time. 
Love you all, thank you all.

p.s More from our little celebration coming soon + from Monday blogging from Rome! (for a few days)

And here are some funny/behind the scenes/photos with friends

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Fashion Reactor said...

Congrats girl!!!! Wish you many more posts, followers and inspiration. Keep blogging ;)

Eirini from http://fashionreactor.blogspot.gr/