06 March, 2013

When Things Go as...Unplanned

Hey girls! As you already know this isn't only a fashion blog..it's also a journal of thoughts and feelings. Today I am gonna share with you few words on my feelings. In life things don't go our way most of the times, I can say that they usually go the opposite. And then what happens? This is the million dollar question my friends. Let things go their own way is my answer. No struggle, no fight, no denial. Just let them go on their own way. Life itself has the capacity of filtering and protecting us. It seems like a kind of magic, but it's just this. As Billy Joel says in Vienna "you better cool it off before you burn it out". I am following these lyrics as much I can when life overcomes me, when love passes me by and when time crashes. And it when it crashes, it crashes. 
Although so romantic on the borderline tonight...

post dedicated to my eternal friend "weekender"

Few words from a "juvenile"
Take care 

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Fashion Reactor said...

"you better cool it off before you burn it out" that's waht we all ahve to do!!! Great post girl. Love your writing ;)


Unknown said...

Thank you Eirini!!!

Unknown said...

Great post sweetie!
Life has it's own ways and we just need to follow along its path making sure we are enjoying every single moment of it...after all surprises are what makes this a wonderful ride!
roubalita from http://prettynyummy.blogspot.gr/