21 April, 2013

Leaving the 20s Behind

Hey my girls, these days have been quite a revelation to me due to the celebration of my 30th birthday. Close friends who are older, advised me a couple of years ago that I should be very calm on that day. Well , for those who know me it wouldn't have been a surprise that I didn't follow any of their advice! I began feeling sad for no reason days before the actual bday and when the day has come I got so much love and affection from all the people I love, that it was overwhelming and tender. All the people I love in this wonderful and surprissing life showed me their deepest feelings. All of them at once. 
I could't have been happier...could I?
And so I am changing decade girls.

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giotared said...

Happy be-lated birthday beautyful girl. From now on every birthday doesn't count that much, it's like entering the 30s over and over again. You don't age! Take it from me and roubalita, we both grow younger each year :P