16 May, 2013

Dad's Vintage Shirt

Hey girls, back in 1988 my dad lived in London for six months and have been working at a hospital there long hours for his Phd. My brother and I were 9 and 6 years old and we missed him so much. Back then toys weren't in such plethora like nowadays and dad was saving money to buy us the most beautiful ones. He was eating corn flakes and pizzas most of the days saving and saving for his turning back. And when he did come back bags and bags of toys were revealed in front of our eyes. He was my hero. He still is.

Zara shorts (old),  Tory Burch wedges (Shopbop) , Pull n Bear belt (old)
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Fashion Reactor said...

Loved the look! I am fan of ovesized shirts ;)


giotared said...

Pelagia...I was touched by your post. Thank you for sharing those sweet memories.
By the way, the shirt is really cool! Dad has obviously a good taste. I guess it runs in the family :)