18 February, 2012

Why We Girls Love Bangles

Hey girls!! You know I' ve been thinking why we love wearing bangles so much?? It's because are on fashion or there is something else that attracts us so much..I am talking for all kinds of bangles plastic, wooden, rubber, silver, steel..I asked my girlfriends who love to wear all sorts of them and I got this answer, "We just wear them, cause we like it" (how enlightened...) So (as usual) I came to my on conclusions. We love them, we wear them because the make us feel so feminine, we move our hands and they"glink glink"(I love the sound), covering our arms make us feel like ancient goddesses, we feel fabulous with these little things even when they are worn at the beach !! Don't u agree?

kenneth jay lane, house of harlow, alexander mc queen and marc by marc jacobs bangles