26 February, 2012

The Leggings Trap

Hello girls! Sorry for not posting but I was too too busy..never mind... 
I miss so much sitting down with my warm cup of tea and write in my beloved blog..I feel like I am connected to all of you no matter from where you visit, USA, UK, Germany, Ireland, France, Netherlands, China (xie xie), Switzerland,Ukraine and Greece. Thank you all for the support!!!
  Today's topic is about our beloved but highly "dangerous" leggings..no I am not crazy, these things are dangerous for our silhouettes girls...I wear them very often because they are comfortable,soft and they match with my long blouses and loose sweaters. But lately I tried to wear my skinny jeans and I couldn't fit in them!! yeap I got 3 "lovely" kilos and now I am trying to get rid of them. You can say : "so what!" to be honest, it is so what botton line, but it is also inconvenient to try to lose weight..isn't it?
I lost control girls and now I don't feel quite well, so I am telling you be careful!! Wear your skinny jeans more often, it is your perfect measure guide!!

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