26 May, 2012

My Top 5 Perfume List

Lola - Marc Jacobs 
This smell is so floral , so girly I love it but I prefer it end of winter beginning of spring

Escentric Molecules -Molecule 01
this is a statement perfume, can't help renewing it and smell it . Dry,woody, spicy

Bulgari - Rose Essentielle
this one is a very very sexy perfume, at least from what I was told..men like it a lot, if you like rosy parfumes try it

Estee Lauder - Light Breeze
it is exactly as it presents itself.. light breeze, cool summer, sour and breezy; definitely for summer!

Marc Jacobs - Rain (body splash)
rain is like rain, can't say more I love it but after 1h it disappears...I prefer it for my sheets, after a night bath all over my body and I like spaying my closet and curtains.

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