07 December, 2011

Christmas Glam Rock Look - 3 steps

What are you planning to wear this Christmas? I am into glam rock and I like it! The following steps will lead you to the best results
  1. Base: dig your little black dress from your closet or your beloved black skinny jeans or buy a fake leather leggings and wear a simple black t-shirt or a black top
  2. Shoes: Buy black high heeled suede booties from Zara (50 euros) 
  3. The Glam note: Get a clutch from a friend or buy a new one in the style of Alexander McQueen, find old silver chains from your mother's closet and combine them with a cheap pendant and last but not least get a dark nail polish. 
That was it girls ! Little cost and ready to go !!!   Oops! I almost forgot it , while dressing up get into rhythm with your favourite rock piece!

Vintage chain ( Lalaounis ) , vintage cross , Jools chevalier

Religion clutch

Zara booties


Maeku said...

love the Zara boots!!!!

Pelagia Chris said...

thank you!!! they are fabulous and cheap!