07 March, 2012

Is She ?

A couple of days ago while ordering a latte at Starbucks I saw Lana Del Rey's cd , Born to die on a stand near cashier. Why so much fuss about her? OK we got it, it's very common nowadays to dress up a singer -with a great voice - like 70's or 50's women and have a career. We saw it , we had enough of it. Although I love Amy, Adele, Duffy ,I am also bored by this struggle finding the new Amy...I was staring at her cover photo and I gave her a chance. And then... her voice came along. By the time I 've heard her I was totally enchanted. Deep.Warm. Fragile. Dark. Can't get enough of her. Now I can't stop wondering. Is she the new one? (Did I tell you that I hear blue jeans in my sleep?)

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