10 March, 2012

The Nothing to Wear Effect

Hey girls, I made a list today of all the thing we think when we are standing in front of our closets trying to find something to wear and although we see hundreds of clothes we can't.
  • I have nothing to wear
  • My closet is so small and I cant find anything
  • Everything seems so old
  • why did I buy these?
  • my friends have more beautiful clothes than myself
  • I gained some weight, I need new clothes
  • I lost weight, my clothes don't fit me well
  • My clothes are so boring..
  • I am not fashionable at all
  • I will get rid of everything I don't wear in the first chance
  • my closet is empty now, I need to go shopping
  • I have nothing to wear again
Solution : 
  • Whenever you make an very successful outfit , write it down
  • Any great outfit idea write it down or inspiration
  • If you see something interesting online download picture and keep a file on your desktop
  • I have one called outfits and there are photos from netaporter.com , really helped me
  • When feel trapped use your notes and I am sure you ll be fabulous!!!!!!
Here some photos from my outfits file, Happy Weekend!!!

all photos from netaporter.com

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