29 March, 2012

Sweet Spring Clementine Truffles

Hey girls! The spring has come bringing blooming citrus smells and a sense of the upcoming summer..spring welcomes summer..summer brings sun and love and we all girls waiting for these romantic sequence. 
Today's post is about a recipe my ant gave me and I love it !! Make these truffles for your beloved one or enjoy it with your friends with  a cold lemonade under the soft spring sun...
All you need is: 4 medium clementines, 1/2  kilo of sugar or less, 1/2 kilo of almonds.

Step 1 : Boil water and put almonds in, then take the skin off, very easy ! Keep the brown skin -it's great fertilizer
Step 2 :Take off the outer skin from clementines and boil in little water it till it's become soft (keep the water)
Step 3: Take the juice from the inner clementines from juicer
Step 4 : Almonds in chopper with boiled clementine skin
Step 5 : In a pot = Sugar+almonds+clementine skin+clementine juice on low heat stir until sugar melts. 
Step 6 : Add some water if it is needed (the one you kept) -leave it to mix to become cold
Step 7 : Mold little balls and then roll them over sugar


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