15 January, 2013

Mum's Vintage Skater Dress

Hey girls! I found this dress in a bag in my mum's closet. I was digging again! When I saw it I found it so girly and so unique and its design reminded me Asos's skater dresses (see here). Skater dresses are so girly and flatter the body so much. Mine was so tight cause my mother use to be much thinner than me and I had take it to tailor to fix it... I couldn't breath in it. She was 21 when she wore it and very skinny... I didn't tell you the most important detail, my grandmother made this dress and now in her eight's sees me wearing it again! 

Brettos Winery ( @Plaka )
Mum's skater dress, Benetton wellies, tights Cazelodonia (bronze)
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