04 January, 2013

7 Things Missed from Childhood

Hey girls! Christmas Holidays brought me this year childhood nostalgia. What a beautiful word, nostalgia.
If it was a taste it would be sweet, candy, buttery, crunchy and milky...
I miss...
1. How those years used to smell
2. The hot cocoa my mother prepared for me everyday and every night .
3. The two french toasts we had to eat every night my brother and me ( I was eating one, he 3 and that was our secret agreement)
4. My lack of any pre-primary education, I denied to go to kinder garden because the teacher wasn't pretty.
5. My preschool years spent at my grandma's house playing with empty bottles and textiles.
6. My mother's appetizers on our birthdays
7. My friends playing on the street and inventing new games all the time.

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Fashion Reactor said...

Miss being a child too...no stress, no responsibilities....!!! Lovely post :)

Eirini from http://fashionreactor.blogspot.gr/

Unknown said...

Thank you :))))