24 January, 2013

3 Pieces of Jewelry: Do it Yourself

Hey girls! It's been a while I have done a DIY project! So today I got some good ideas for you that I have done myself! Three pieces of jewelry from very cheap things that we all have. 
The Eiffel Tower pendant: from my trip to Paris some years ago I bought tower key chains for friends among other things, I kept one for myself and I got my brother's army chain and I got a lovely new fashionable necklace! 

Mama's old earrings: I got my mum's old Spanish earrings and broke them in two pieces and put some ear hangers. So now I got two pairs!

I had a watch to which you could change its style by changing hoops and once it was broken I kept the hoop and made it a necklace by using one of my fine gold chains!

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