05 January, 2012

Button Me Up !

When I started writing this post about the button ring I've made I was thinking many catchy titles but this is the one that I finally chose, so Ι said to myself "Let's Google it" and so I did . To my surprise there is a site selling button-jewelry and it is called button me up!!! Here's the way to make mine.
  1. Find an old ring you like, one that has its hole on the back side preferably
  2. Make sure that the holes are quite big
  3. Buy thin, flexible wire in a colour of your preference
  4. Make the wire 1 round and then wear it 
  5.  Make another 2 rounds but keep it loose a little bit  
  6. Now wrap it vertically to be become more solid 
  7. Try to hide the ending in the hole or cut it with a tool and wrap it so it doesn't scratch you 

If you have any questions send me an email: justmyperfectday@gmail.com or click here to visit button me up.


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