18 January, 2012

Just Pesto

Hi girls!!! Today for the first time in my blog I am going to present you a recipe easy and delicious !! You can use it in multiple ways, spread it in your morning low-calorie french toast , serve it with crackers as starter or make an excellent pasta for your beloved ones.

Step 1 : Wash your basil leaves well

Step 2 : Put them in the multi mixer and press the button for 5 seconds

Step 3 : Add pine seeds, I usually use 2 bags of 42 gr. each

Step 4 : Add parmesan and pecorino cheese to become more solid. Don't over do it but if you do, add a little warm water.

Step 5 : Time to add the garlic, but remove the inner part (green one) and use only one piece of garlic if you want your pesto to be light so can be eaten more easily.

Step 5 : This step is optional :) this time I tried adding walnuts to differentiate the taste. Tip:don't overdo it because the taste will be be funny.

Step 6 : Press the button for 10 sec and add olive oil, salt, pepper and some vinegar which will give it a very very good taste. Taste and add.

End resut !! have fun in your kitchen girls :)) for any questions feel free to ask me justmyperfectday@gmail.com

Keep in refrigerator

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