30 January, 2012

The Vintage Wool Oversized Cardigan

Hey girls!! Few days ago my mother saw me wearing an oversized cardigan I bought from Asos.com and she remembered that a friend gave her a white oversized one made by another friend. The story is this : a lady went to Paris and bought a very expensive cardigan 15 years ago, when she got home bought yarn and started copying it then she gave it as gift to her best friend who is my mother's aunt! The aunt gave to my mother and so it turned up into my hands.....we spent a couple of days trying to find it in the house (our mothers hide things everywhere) and now I proudly present it to you! My advice : start digging in your mamas' wardrobe!! Kisses girls :))

Pendant, L'Occitane (old) , Leggings Zara , Sweater  unknown

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