28 January, 2012

Biker Boots, here to stay

Hey girls!!! I really missed you these couple of days. I have been very busy but now I am back! You know, I have been thinking about shoes. The choices we make, what shoes we used to wear when we were teenagers, how come never seem to have enough of them..I think you know exactly what I mean...these days I felt the need to replace my love for Ugg boots and wellies with a new one, the biker boots. In the beginning I was very sceptical about them, they seemed so masculine and I had promised not to consider it buying one. But I broke my promise, I 've changed my mind...there are so feminine in a masculine way, so rock, so alternative that blew my mind!! You can find various designs,prices,heights,colours. I like the short ones but there were "extincted" so I bought this tall one in a really good price!


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